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If you didn’t already know, I’m helping my pal Mike make a videogame! It’s about cats and mazes and if you donate you get cool stuff I designed!
Go here to give it all your money!


If you didn’t already know, I’m helping my pal Mike make a videogame! It’s about cats and mazes and if you donate you get cool stuff I designed!

Go here to give it all your money!

I’ve been at GDC this week, which has somewhat delayed me from making a post about the fact that the game I’m working on has been announced, named, and has a Kickstarter.

The game is called Prof. Cat’s Mazing Machine, and I’m making it with my friend Caldwell Tanner. Caldwell is an artist/writer/voice actor for College Humor, and is helping to create some art for the game, which is also in turn informing some design decisions for the game.

So if you want to help support the development of the game head over to the Kickstarter page where you can pledge and receive a copy of the game, or any number of other pledge rewards depending on the pledge amount.

I’ve been really bad about updating this, partly due to me not working as much as I should have. Regardless I’ve put together a good workflow for myself and actually getting some stuff done.

For now I’ve stopped work on RE: simply because I want to do something easier to get my feet wet with making something in Flash and then porting that to iOS. So if there are problems they are easier to catch.

In regards to that I’ve made some pretty good headway on what should be my first iOS release. I’m using the Flixel game engine for it, which has saved me a ton of time, and is making this whole thing surprisingly easy. I’m mostly working on producing art assets for it, and making levels right now, but I also need to start testing it out on my iPad.

Speaking of my iPad and making maps, I managed to make a level maker on my iPad using this app called Codea. Codea lets you write code in Lua, and then run it on the iPad. So I used that to make a simple level maker which kicks out an array of 1s and 0s, which I then put in the game code. Which creates levels based on an array of 1s and 0s. I’ll put a picture of it below.

And that is kind of it for now. The game doesn’t have a name, and there isn’t too much to show or talk about yet, but I plan to post more often.

I finally came up with a name for the first game I’m working on, it’s called RE:, as in “reply.” I also setup a nice little page on the site here that has some information about the game, which I’ll add to over time (probably.)

But to summarize what’s on that page: it’s going to be sort of a visual interactive novel game, it’s going to be for iPhone (and maybe Android phones,) and I’m hoping to have it done before Thanksgiving 2011.

It’s still in pre-production at the moment so I don’t really have much else to show or talk about yet, but if you have any questions about the game or the studio there is a button in the sidebar that will take you to a place where you can ask them.

Hello, I am Michael Moore (no relation to the Director of a similar name,) and this is the website blog thing I’ve setup for Arcade Tale Studio. ATS is a game studio, in which I am currently the only member… employee? Regardless it’s the studio name I’m using for some games I am currently working on.

Currently I’ve got two games in the pre-production planning phase, and I intend to use this site as a development blog where I’ll post updates about my progress (things I learn, things I have trouble with, etc.) You’ll probably also seem some concept drawings, and perhaps other goodies. Along with likely some news, and maybe the occasional rant.

Not really sure yet how this is all going to work, so bear with me I guess. Although if you have any questions there is a little “ask me anything” button on the right side where you can ask me questions about the studio, or the games I’m working on, or I guess anything. But then I’ll just answer the good ones, or the ones I have good answers for. And you can also follow us on tumblr, or if you don’t have a tumblr account you can just subscribe to the RSS feed (or sign up for tumblr.)